Why We Love Chiropractors

The day my son was blove-chiropractors-image-92kborn was the happiest and most amazing yet exhausting day of my life. Though my son’s birth was completely natural and went very smoothly, I felt like I had been hit by a Mack Truck. Having gone to chiropractors throughout my pregnancy, I knew that I needed an adjustment as soon as possible. I managed to get in to see my regular chiropractor the next day and walked out of there feeling like a new woman. Friends and family could not believe that I had just given birth. Though sore and tired, I was a long way back towards normal, and was able to cheerfully go about life as a new mom.

A few days later, I knew something was wrong. My son cried all the time. He didn’t sleep. He couldn’t eat. My impression was not just that he was a cranky newborn, but that he was in pain. Our pediatrician wanted to bring him in for potentially invasive testing, however I first wanted to see if a chiropractor could bring him some relief. I had never heard of chiropractic for infants at that point, but called my doc to ask and was told to bring him right in.

Our chiropractor worked his magic. My son fell asleep during his adjustment, and slept for four hours afterward – the longest stretch of sleep he’d ever had. He cried less and both nursing and sleep improved tremendously.img_0229edit

Before long, we found chiropractic to be life-saving again. At about 5 months old, my son began vomiting multiple times every day. Of course I was very concerned, and once again, our pediatricians wanted to conduct invasive tests. I wanted to bring him to the chiropractor first. One adjustment, and the vomiting completely stopped for three days (and his mood markedly improved!) So we began a journey of regular chiropractic visits and a search for natural and alternative methods to help my son’s body get better. The cycle would continue, with adjustments, dietary changes for both of us, supplements for both of us, and so on, with certain things working for a while and then having the trouble start again. It took a few years to fully resolve, and we met wonderful, helpful chiropractors, Kinesiologists, nutritionists, and naturopaths along the way. Though finally, with time and persistence, my son was healed, stable and happy.

I will always be grateful to the wonderful doctors of chiropractic who dedicated their lives and careers to helping people back to their natural physical stability and wellness.

Every one of us at Orion Billing has personal experience with being helped by Chiropractors. With our knowledge and experience, there are many types of medical practices we could choose to work with, though we are in a position to dedicate our work to a field we believe in, and that is why we do what we do.



Kat Jordan is the Owner and President of Orion Billing Services, a professional external billing company specializing in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and integrated practices. With over twelve years of experience in healthcare billing, Orion is well prepared to help with thorough, knowledgeable claims submission, follow-up and collection. Call (415) 851-1605 for more information. Subscribe to our mailing list here.


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